S.S. AMERICA, S.S. UNITED STATES sailing on the 'All American' team to Europe

S.S. United States at a Glance

Length overall990 feet
Beam101 feet 6 inches
Gross tonnage53,300
PropulsionSteam turbine, quadruple screw
Total shaft horsepower240,000
Top speed38.32 knots or 44.098 land miles per hour
Keel to top of forward funnel175 feet
BuildersNewport NewsShipping & Dry Dock Company
CrewDeck 89 -Engine 16 6- Purser 33 - Medical 9 - Steward 738 = 1068
CabinsFirst Class 344 - Cabin Class - 178 - Tourist 173 - Klennel 20 dogs
PassengersFirst Class 904 - Cabin Class - 524 - Tourist 554 = 1,982 Klennel 20 dogs
Fares 1952, off seasonFirst Class $360- Cabin Class - $227 - Tourist $170
Troup ship capacity14,000
Maiden Voyage1952
Total Voyages400
DesignersGibbs & Cox, Naval Architect
Eggers & Higgins, Interior Architects
Smyth, Urquhart, & Marckwald, Interior Designers
OwnerUnited States Lines
Current Location (June 2012)Philadelphia PA

One thought on “S.S. United States at a Glance

  1. Cindy Thurston

    I was on the last sailing of the SSUnitedStates from Hamburg to Southhampton to New York, November 1969. I’d like to hear more about that sailing. I remember there was a horrible storm as we entered the east coast, water pouring in the portholes of our cabin class room. People were sick most of the trip, my husband, Mike, included.

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