S.S. AMERICA, S.S. UNITED STATES sailing on the 'All American' team to Europe



.In 1964 the bottom fell out of the transatlantic passenger trade. 
On the other side of the world passenger service from England to Australia and New Zealand was booming; In a move to attract immigrants the Australian and New Zealand Governments offered subsidize steamship ticket to encourage immigration. Using the Australian assisted passage program, an accepted immigrant could sail for as little as ₤10, or roughly $25. Their only obligation was a two year stay. For a slightly higher charge they could leave at any time.
On October 9 1965 The America left New York on her last round-trip crossing. On her return she was sold to Chandris Lines, a Greek shipping company. Renamed Australis, and sailed to Greece and for a refit. The ship’s capacity was increased from 1,046 to 2,258. Gone were the old class segregations replaced by one class, tourist. Air conditioning and a large outdoor pool provided relief in sub-tropical weather. Over the next 14 years the Australis would make sixty-two around the world voyages, transporting more than 300,000 passengers.






THE NEW LOOK. Smoking Lounge s s aMERICA


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  1. Silvio Bianco

    I was a crew member on this ship S/S AUSTRALIS in 1967 1968 made 9 trip around the world ,I was from Italy but now living in USA for 45 years,
    I just wonder if any crew member of that era is reading this note ,will love to get in touch with them, I did work on the crew restaurant and also as LIFT BOY ( elevator )
    thank you

  2. Silvio

    Thanks for the information Joanna ,sorry I just sow your message here, I dind’t think anyone will replay me, how you know the Australis ? passenger , crew or friends ? and where you live now ? thanks



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