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More than 30,000 spectators gathered at Newport News Shipbuilding’s Shipway #8 on Aug. 31, 1939 to witness the christening of the SS America — the largest merchant vessel then yet built in the United States. Dubbed the “Queen of the Seas,” the 723-foot ship was almost immediately drafted for service as a troop transport, and it carried more soldiers than any other Navy vessel during the war. But in the years between the end of the conflict and the christening of the bigger, faster SS United States in 1952, the America reigned as the nation’s leading transatlantic liner and is still regarded by many as a favorite..– Mark St. John Ericksond

S.S. AMERICA – 1938 to 1941 cruise ship

The day after the America’s launch Hitler invaded Poland and Caribbean cruises replaced North Atlantic crossing.


U.S.S. POINT – 1941 to 1946 navy’s largest troop ship

From Casablanca to Bombay and Sydney the ship steamed 436,000 miles transporting 505,020 passengers. Beloved by her Navy crew, they ran a safe and friendly ship, faced danger from fire, stormy seas, torpedoes and strafing, never loosing a passenger. .

  • Pre WWII sailing with 'neutral' markings Photo Mariners Museum
S.S. AMERICA – 1946 to 1964 the queen of the merchant marine.

Returned to almost new after her hard Navy service, the America spent 18 years on the North Atlantic sailing 2,800,000 miles carrying 476,462 passengers in style and comfort. Elegant without being overbearing she represented the best in American engineering, art, cuisine, and interiors.


America brmerhav

SS America in Bremerhaven, 1958. From the Lawrence Driscoll Collection









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  1. Diane Moody

    In doing research for a novel, I’m trying to locate a schedule of travel dates for the America during May of 1946. Was she still transporting troops back to the states? Or perhaps war brides? From what I’ve read on your site so far, am I correct that she didn’t serve as a passenger ship again until November of 1946?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

  2. Larry Driscoll Post author

    I referenced back to the book I wrote on the America. On Feb 28, 1946, the ship left the Portsmouth Navy Yard for the Newportnews Shipping and Dry Dock Co for reconversion to an ocean liner.On November 10, 1946, she sailed into New York Harbor to take on passengers for the first Atlantic crossing.

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