S.S. America interiors

  • Ship decorators Anne Urquhart left, and Dorothy Marckwald. Photo by Wilbur Pippin

“For the America, it was decided that this the latest of our passenger ships should distinctly and completely represent our own personality; therefore, a simple, functional, comfortable American style was determined upon.” Dorothy Marckwald


Washington Post Editor Felix Morley on the interiors of the S.S. America.

To those who like dignity rather than pretentiousness, comfort rather than display, her size and speed will seem no drawback. Having traveled on the larger French and English ‘Blue Ribbon’ liners I can testify that the slower and smaller American competitor is easily the most attractive, both in decorations and that indefinable element of personality which every ship possesses.





3 thoughts on “S.S. America interiors

  1. Larry larsen

    We sailed from New York on April 11, 1964 bound for Le Havre with stops at Cork and Southampton. Two days out the ship encountered heavy seas which strengthened until there were estimated 50′ seas. There were many young aboard and we had a great time attempting to dance around wrapped cables strung across the ball room and all other open spaces. A day out of Cork the captain attempted to alter course during lunch. The ship wallowed broadside to a wave and plates, glasses and food crashed onto the guests as the table cloths slid off the tables. Fortunately our chairs were chained to the tables so we stayed in place. We were then served sandwiches as the galley had been destroyed. A good adventure. A good storm.

  2. Ian R Lamb, Sr

    My mother and I came to the US Feb 1947. She was a war bride and I was born in England. My father was an American soldier. We came over on the S.S. America. I was just 17 months old so I don”t remember anything about her. Would like to find info .

  3. Hannelore Repetto

    My mother and I came to America on the SS America in January 1951 it was a terrible winter Crossing. Neither one of us spoke a word of English
    We must of been in steerage because our room had no resemblance to the pictures that they show of America’s interior?
    I was seasick for seven days and the only thing I could eat was red delicious apples I had never had before. Needless to say 60 years later I have never eaten another red delicious apple!

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