S.S. America

Larry-1 (1)

Larry Driscoll shuffling on the America April 1950

Welcome aboard the S.S. America. If you traveled on her this website will rekindle some memories. If you are new to this great ship, stay and explore, she has a great story to tell.

   This fading pictures and distant memories are all that is left from my sailing in April of 1950 from New York to LeHavre. As a kid of seven I fell in love with this great big sailing machine. Every day was filled with adventure, fun, and new experiences.

   The America never left me, and 45 year latter I decided to relive and share that experience with this web site. This led to the discovery that there were many others who experienced and loved this ship.

Research and information gathered through the web site led to a  book, S.S. America, U.S.S West Point, S.S. Australis – The Many Lives of a Great Ship, published in 2003 by The Glencannon Press. In 2014 the web site received an update and the story of the America keeps evolving with new pictures and information.

 So climb aboard and experience a ship remembered for her charm, beauty and interesting life from the glory days as a luxury liner, to troop ship, cruise ship and her final tragic end on the shores of the Canary Islands.

Pride of America 004

From left Joe Rota and Larry Driscoll at the dedication of the new NCL liner Pride of America.

2 thoughts on “S.S. America

  1. Larry larsen

    We sailed from New York on April 11, 1964 bound for Le Havre with stops at Cork and Southampton. Two days out the ship encountered heavy seas which strengthened until there were estimated 50′ seas. There were many young aboard and we had a great time attempting to dance around wrapped cables strung across the ball room and all other open spaces. A day out of Cork the captain attempted to alter course during lunch. The ship wallowed broadside to a wave and plates, glasses and food crashed onto the guests as the table cloths slid off the tables. Fortunately our chairs were chained to the tables so we stayed in place. We were then served sandwiches as the galley had been destroyed. A good adventure. A good storm.

  2. Ian R Lamb, Sr

    My mother and I came to the US Feb 1947. She was a war bride and I was born in England. My father was an American soldier. We came over on the S.S. America. I was just 17 months old so I don”t remember anything about her. Would like to find info .

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